(Caricature by Ari Burns)


Techno Geek
Video Engineer

(Caricature by Ari Burns)


Steph @ Microsoft

We lured Stephanie away from Microsoft where she ran some complicated streaming video-lecture/recording system which to this day none of us understands. In fact, we don't even understand much of what she does here. When the mail server goes down, she moves between gently attempting to persuade our (former) ISP to keep our service up reliably for more than one day at a time, to huddling over the mail-server box in the corner with her flashlight and screwdriver muttering incantations. And presto, we're back in business.

Struggle of Wills

A "typical" day for Stephanie includes video editing, web page construction, encoding files for streaming, digital imaging, wiring, archiving, and then, of course, having to stop everything to rebuild a computer or troubleshoot a crashed server. And then there is the occasional phone call from her parents - who are partners in a long-haul trucking business-calling in from some remote corner of the U.S. to check on one thing or another.

Demolition Derby

In her spare time she rebuilds cars for the demolition derby, studies martial arts, terrorizes the town on her new motorcycle, teaches media workshops, produces independent shorts, attends public lectures, rock climbs, and pursues other topics of intellectual navel-gazing.

Other interests include juggling, foreign affairs, cosmology (that is, the study of how the universe works, not hair styling), oceanography, space flight, global humanitarian efforts, nature, philosophy, ecology, conservation, systems and chaos theory, and little fuzzy animals. In short, everything (except hair styling, that is).

Parent's Rig
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