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Aside from being a unicyclist, an avid (if cautious) motorcyclist, an Etch-A-Sketch (TM) artist, a magician's assistant, a juggler, and the infamous legs behind Ivar's Unicycling Clam commercials in the 80s, Lisa Parsons is a mighty fine person. This girl really RoCkS the house - having been one of the original Vivace baristas (see coffee page), she turns out a superb crema.

Working at Vivace

One of the great things about running errands with Lisa is the number of people on the street who recognize her from the coffee cart. It's a real testament to her skills that so many people miss her and want her back at Vivace making coffee.

Lisa's sketch of Vivace's storefront.

But after 10 years in the coffee business, Lisa was ready to be lured away from her thousands of over-stimulated devotees to the chaos and creativity of CR. She is quite literally the glue that holds the productions together since without her unparalleled sense of organization, we might never be able to find the materials, tapes, and images needed to turn these shows out! ("Uhm, Lisa, remember that picture of three people standing in a field in Namibia and one of them has his hands up in the air with the sun behind him? Do you happen to know where that photo is? I need you to scan it and email it out today...?

Ta Da!

Lisa's day usually ends with the downtown Fed-X run sending the day's video edit off to lands near and far. She has become quite the Volvo wrangler (our company car is an old Volvo station wagon named "Mr. Dick," after Harold Dick, our mechanic who is based in Portland, Oregon, but that's another story...) and can mix it up with the best of them navigating the increasingly crowded streets of our fair city.


Besides running the office and holding down the fort while the bosses are away, Lisa is fast becoming proficient in various aspects of production, especially as an efficient offline voice editor. We even have occasional need for the smattering of Portuguese she remembers from her days as an exchange student in Brazil. In fact, she is a multi-faceted talent who must now contend with an entirely new group of loyal and devoted fans.

Crawdad at the old swimming hole.

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