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It doesn't take too long to realize that Pranati McCauley could have been a Chanteuse for Our Times. She's got the vocal moves, honey, and can belt 'em out with verve and style. While this may not be a trait normally associated with money management aka bookkeeping, Pranati's songful lyrics add a melodic dimension to our working life. The daily repertoire extends from every show tune on the charts, to the sweetest ballad, to the hottest rhythm and blues.

Pranati is something of an enigma. The natural order and precision which make her so extremely industrious (a true paragon of worker virtue) are balanced by a looseness of personal style and witty sense of humor. She hikes deep into the winter wood, swing dances, bicycles from one end of the city to another, and still has time and inclination to ponder the questions of literature, music and human nature. Indeed, one of Pranati's most important characteristics is her deep commitment to what can perhaps be called the spiritual, a commitment that keeps her on a simultaneously exhilarating and complex quest for meaning and harmony in life.

Rage.Pranati is more accomplished than she likes to allow, and if she weren't our bookkeeper, a position she's held for over ten years, she might be building houses, acting in the theatre, or even roping steers astride a trusty steed. But modesty and a certain diffidence keep the world ignorant of these prodigious talents - a loss for the world, but our distinct gain.


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