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Founder and "PFL" (President for Life). DC is the driving force behind CurrentRutledge. David's infinite experience, technical acumen, and optimistic outlook have gotten us all over a few rough spots. And there have been some rough spots. For starters, he's color blind, which wouldn't be so bad except that he is our principal still photographer. The rest of us have learned how to help him overcome his handicap. For example, prior to each trip to the East Coast, Anne helps him with his selection of jackets and ties so as to avoid any sartorial embarrassment.

Of course, out here on the West Coast, he has no such problems because de rigueur attire at the CR shop is jeans and Ts. Though we haven't stayed in business for so many years (nearly 30) without being prepared for the unimaginable, so DC keeps a change of East Coast clothes in the closet at work, just in case one of the Other Coasters decides to drop in for a visit. Aside from a preference for the casual, the CR attire is also dictated by the fact that both David and Nic commute to work by bike, which, on most days in Seattle can be a wet and nasty business.

Although he lives only a few blocks from the shop, DC actually rides his bike on a long detour downtown to work out at an athletic club comprised largely of, well, shall we say, those with a more Republican leaning. Overlooking the disconnect on the political side, he uses this club because it opens at 5 am and has great facilities. Besides, DC is collecting bizarre tales from the men's locker room and hopes to publish a small but illustrative exposé. He especially enjoys wearing his Mickey Mouse baseball hat through the front lobby (strictly forbidden by House Rule 83).

It's probably this very attitude which has kept CurrentRutledge working in the not-for-profit field (as opposed to "Corporate Communications") for nearly thirty years. His mother, EB, was particularly insightful when she commented that CR opened as (and remains today) a de facto not-for-profit because of her son's early affinity for the story of Robin Hood and his merry men. Clearly we're not dealing with someone who's attention is focused solely on the bottom line.

For example, over the past twenty years, David has driven his aging Volvo station wagon 175 miles to Harold's Auto Service in Portland, Oregon for regular maintenance. Apparently there aren't any "good" mechanics in Seattle. On Harold's door is a sign stating, "I maintain cars, I don't repair them." which should serve as warning to anyone foolish enough to bring some wreck in for Harold to resuscitate. Of course, that wouldn't happen anyway because Harold has an unlisted number; one gets in the door only by referral. Lest you think there is only one eccentric here, Harold has three other customers who also make the commute down from Seattle.

David never gives his real name when making reservations at a restaurant, forcing the Maitre D' to call out such preposterous names as "Lucille" "Mr. Gorilla My Love" or "Mr. Pomple, Pomple party, table for four!"

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