Dinner at Larkin's,
Eagle Rock, California

Director of Photography

Women's shelter,
Mumbai, India
In the Bandra neighborhood of Mumbai, India

Ahh, Richard Dallett - rhymes with palate, and with good reason. We usually call him Reeesharr(d), to better reflect his fluency in French. Anne and David have spent a lot of time on the road with Richard, and it's always a pleasure because he is sooooooo easy going. That is, until the waiter tries to clear empty plates from the table before the last person has finished eating - very much a no-no. ("You wouldn't do that in your own home would you?") Richard now has the rest of us trying to train the wait staff of the world (well, actually, it's mostly a problem in the U.S. because overseas they have better manners) about the plate-clearing thing.

Occasionally some other minor irritation will surface, like when one of us mistakenly says "done" when we mean "finished", such as "Richard, are you done yet?" Ohhhh, do we hear about that. ("You mean, am I finished yet????") But mostly Richard spends his time looking for our next fabulous meal, along with an occasional bit of shooting.

Malshiras, India

During the lulls in all of this activity, he tries to convince us that "Survivor" is really a documentary ("well, they don't pay the actors, or tell them what to say"). Yeah, right Richard. Of course, we can't say too much since we've never been on a Survivor shoot, and Richard shot five out of the first six and then decided to come to India with us instead of doing more. It all makes for good stories around the campfire, or at dinner in one of Richard's favorite restaurants, like the Kurry Kourt in the basement of the Holiday Inn in Pune, India. (Anne and David know for a fact that an opportunity to eat at the Kurry Kourt is the real reason he turned down "Survivor.")

Bhabha Hospital, Bandra (Mumbai), India

In truth, Richard is an extremely talented world-traveling Director of Photography who has worked on broadcast projects for, among others, BBC, ABC, CBS, MTV, PBS, Discovery, and Cinemax. He has also shot four feature films that have appeared at festivals such as Sundance, Slamdance, and Toronto, as well as a mini-series for Canal Plus in France. Besides his work for CR and "Survivor," some of his recent work is for the Food Network filming chefs around the world. This is no accident (remember, Dallett rhymes with palate).

Richard is also the father (and his wife, Lloyd, the mother) of Lucia, a most charming surf bunny whose favorite phrase is, "Daddy, it doesn't get any better than this!" Who can argue with that?

Lucia and Lloyd, Santa Barbara, CA

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