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Diana Wilmar and David Fox met some years ago when they both worked as camera operators for one of the local TV stations. Together they form the production company, Fox Wilmar Productions. Each of them has worked for CurrentRutledge dozens of times over the years.

One memorable trip with Diana took us to Nicaragua for the Ford Foundation. It was hot, difficult work, something Diana is not afraid of. One day we were filming interviews in Managua inside a small hotel room by the airport. In addition to having to stop the interview whenever planes took off or landed, we also had to powder the perspiring interviewees' faces every ten minutes. It was probably 100 degrees outside the room and easily 10 or 20 degrees warmer inside (no AC because of the noise). As Diana leaned in close to touch up the face of one of our charming male subjects, he told her, in true macho Latin style, that she was "the best cameraman in Central America." That, of course, has become her moniker, at least around here.

It's also nice have a woman shooter in what is still largely a boy's world. On location Diana is terrific as she is able to get people to relax in front of the camera, whether it is a woman about to give birth in a hospital, or villagers building a house in rural Nicaragua (she is also fluent in Spanish).

When not hanging out with us, Diana has worked for every major U.S. television network, and as a principal photographer with CNN's Environment Unit. She has won 5 Emmy awards and a Silver Medal from the New York Film Festival for her work in news, documentaries and features.

David Fox's experience is no less broad, having worked on a series of international documentaries for the Discovery Channel, shot programs that have been produced and broadcast in Africa, Japan and the Soviet Union, and worked for countless corporate and commercial clients.

Among David's many off-the-clock loves is car racing, whether it be taking his very own mini speedster down to the Seattle International Raceway, or killing time on non-shoot days on the road at a go-kart track. (He's got his own membership card that gets him in at any of the many tracks operated by a national raceway chain!)

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