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Rick strolls into work every morning carrying his plastic briefcase, an elaborately crafted sandwich and carrot sticks. Each morning he makes lunch for his wife, Pam, and their two children, Anna and Martin, before they head out for work and school. Once he arrives at CR and sits down in his editor's chair, he usually doesn't get up until the rest of us have gone home. There are notable exceptions: French class at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, (the whole family is taking lessons) and baseball practice (he's the coach) daily at 5 pm beginning in the early spring. One of the best things about having Rick among us is the balance he brings to our own lives.

Isfahan, Iran

After one career as an artist and designer, Rick turned his creative talents to editing video. In the late 1980s he opened his own non-linear editing shop called Post-Primitive Editorial. His work has included documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, as well as many others. While he still takes outside work under the mantle of Post-Primitive, we have kept him pretty busy for the past few years as our video Editor-in-Chief.

One of the advantages Rick brings to his editing work is his long and varied life experience (well, he's not really that old, but he's packed a lot in). Both his training in fine arts (he's a painter), and his world travels during his youth, inform his work at CurrentRutledge.

Kandahar, Afghanistan

In the early 1970s, Rick traveled East to teach English at a Persian school in Isfahan, Iran. At the end of the year, most of the other teachers headed home via London, but Rick took the more indirect route. It was a good thing for us because now he is able to regale us with tales of his travels through central and south Asia, like the night he spent freezing to death while trying to sleep on the floor of a "hotel" in Kandahar, Afghanistan ("it's pronounced 'Khan-di-har', not 'Candy-har'" he comments to the voice of the news announcer coming over the radio Rick sometimes listens to while editing).

Kabul, Afghanistan

Or the time he and another traveler successfully disarmed a local highwayman during a cross-country bus ride, also in Afghanistan. Apparently, the busses were stopped on a regular basis by gunmen demanding money - some things really don't ever seem to change - and our mild-mannered Rick had finally had enough (plus, he was running short of cash).

Anyway, we're glad he's made it back alive to keep us entertained as well as to work his editing magic.

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