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John-Paul Ore (JP) was born and raised in Seward, Nebraska, (pop. 5,700) where they say, "If it doesn't scare the cows, who cares?" JP's Mom & Pop made a living by playing Lutheran Organ and never did a Sunday pass without opening a hymnal. JP's hometown, Seward, is "Nebraska's 4th of July City" and hosts annual contests in pie-eating and cow-pie throwing.

After a bucolic, gossamer childhood, JP advanced to Chicago for a big-city education. At the University of Chicago, JP drank deeply from the heady well-spring of TS Eliot, Enrico Fermi, Lynn Margulis, Kurt Vonnegut, and Subramaniam Chandrasekhar, not to name names. Chicago is the deep-dish of American universities, filling and delicious. In the moody waters of Lake Michigan, JP swam gleefully and often. Occasionally, he studied the soul of the world at the Checkerboard Lounge.


Work isn't everything, but JP has labored in Corn Detassaling, Bank Telling, Big-5 consulting, Electronic Forensics, and most recently was the smile behind the desk of Samadhi Yoga Studio. At Current Rutledge, JP arranges the tripod (or "the Legs" in the vernacular), hacks networks, scribbles in the shot log, transcribes interviews, and solders XLR cables.

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At the end of the day, JP hangs his hat in a communal house with 5 roommates. Under the roof of the Blue House, there is always a kind face, a full cup, a tall fire, and a fine tale. Although secretly pursuing ambitions of joining the landed class, he's contentedly nestled in bohemia's bosom. You will be JP's friend forever upon tendering a clever quote.

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