International Women's Day 2001
with Dilaasa One Stop Crisis Center team, Mumbai

CurrentRutledge is a full-service independent production company. We produce programs in various visual and audio forms that enhance the efforts of meaningful institutions throughout the United States and around the world.

For nearly 30 years, our clients have been nonprofit institutions concentrating in the areas of education, the arts and humanities, health, and government. Much of our work in recent years has been to help foundations tell the stories of the work they are engaged in around the world.

We rely primarily on materials which we gather ourselves, including filmed or recorded interviews, extensive B-roll shooting in film or video, original still photography, and original music composed specifically for our projects. With these materials in hand, we produce videos, DVDs, media-rich web sites, streaming audio and video, audio CDs, interactive media, and multi-image presentations.
Malshiras, India

While we consider ourselves artists and skilled technicians, we also believe that content is more important than form. We believe that telling a story can be the most effective way of communicating a client's message, so storytelling is where we have focused our energies.

A note on style: The tone of this site suggests (correctly) that we are not a typical corporate communications/video production company. We have a really good time doing what we do because we find that when we enjoy our work and the people we are working for, everything else falls into place. If you like what you see here and would like to talk about a project for your own organization, please do contact us.

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