Audio Podcasts

Produced for Williamette University, a small liberal arts university in the Pacific Northwest state of Oregon, we filmed twelve interviews in video to preserve the option of using them later in a larger DVD project. However, the initial use of these interviews was to create audio stories. Out of the twelve interviews we edited 47 audio stories which are integrated into Willamette’s Admissions website and available via podcast subscription (for eg. a couple of stories to be podcast each week), or online listening. Click HERE for link to Willamette's Site

Willamette University

Prof. Nacho Cordova Prof. Joe Bowersox Cali King, Senior Larkin Smith Prof. Ellen Eisenberg Chris Foss Prof. Sara Kirk Crystal Hara Steve Malick Prof. Julie Abendroth Smith Shannon Lawless

614 Twelfth Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102 USA
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