Tech-heads out there might be interested to know the following:

Our equipment is top of the line and well-tested (see below), but we never let technological bells and whistles get in the way of engaging communication.

We own (and maintain in-house) everything we need to produce high-end, broadcast quality work. This way, we can always rely on our equipment's condition and availability, and rarely have to outsource any of our work.

In the field, our equipment includes a Sony DSR-500 DVCAM camera, SoundDevices 702T Portable Digital Recorder with Time Code, and Nikon D700 and F5 still cameras, as well as extensive sound and lighting kits. In the studio, we work with two Final Cut Pro NLE suites, a Protools digital audio workstation, two DVCAM decks, one BetaSP deck, and a time code DAT deck, along with half a dozen other Macintosh computers and piles of software. We encode video for Flash, WMA, Quicktime, and just about everything else using Telestream Pro.

Mind you, we also have (and still occasionally use) a beautiful old Leica, half a dozen dissolve-capable slide projectors, a copy stand that David built in the 1980s, and a trusty (but heavy) reel-to-reel Nagra!


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