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"I remember the time we were in Africa -- Mozambique, actually, for the first time. We'd been to Asia -- there was a shoot in India and Bangladesh in the mid-90s, and Anne and I had been to Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia before -- but I will always remember that slightly vertiginous feeling of both jetlag, and of being completely at home at the same time. I guess that's one of the big reasons we love doing this work: it is a beautiful world, and we get to travel far and near to hear and tell important stories." - DC

Nepal, Italy, France, The Netherlands, India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nicaragua, Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mexico -- you name it, we've been there! We travel for pleasure when we can, and we travel for work much of the rest of the time.

Zimbabwe / Mozambique border

Travelling as a film crew requires a bit more work than leisure travel, if only because we can't afford to be off our game when we're on the clock. So we read up on travel warnings and visa requirements, exchange rates and time zones, tape formats and ATM locations.

When we come home, the US Customs Service could ding us for a 10% duty on all of our equipment if we don't register with them in advance to prove that we owned everything before we left. We've got model, value, and serial number for everything from battery packs to walkie talkies listed out and stamped on their special form.

We take our own water bottles -- each with its own filter inside the bottle! -- when we know that drinking the local water is risky. David puts a sock over the faucet in the hotel bathroom, so he remembers to brush his teeth with filtered water. And, of course, we take the appropriate drugs to keep the nastiest bugs at bay.

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